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Passionate about using technology to change the world? Join our growing team of digital enablers.


  • UI Developer
  • IOS Developer
  • Android Developer
  • Java Developer

E-Commerce & Retail Industry

We merge tech-driven ideas and established practices governing the global retail market, to create innovative customized solutions

Drive conversion rates, expand business, increase revenue and rein in costs by partnering with us for setting up your enterprise's online presence and management of your online retail storefront environment. Maximize the value of every visitor and engage with your customers and stakeholders seamlessly in a multi-channel environment.

Our Services

NorthAlley's holistic approach to retail is carried forward by our dedicated team of world-class certified developers who will align with your strategic goals and create innovative web and application designs, develop software, and integrate and augment your business technologically from ground-up to provide you rich and flexible solutions that have been battle-tested.