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HORSE Racing and Pari-Mutuel Betting

The best racing technology solution provider delivering secure and integrated software solutions

Our international heritage in custom racing software development and pari- mutuel development ensures you get the best of solutions to keep your business at the forefront of the racing and wagering industries.

We shall be the pillars for your wagering foundation's digital journey.

It is our commitment to deliver solutions that provide the ultimate operations and betting experience.


NorthAlley provides complete turnkey solutions for wagering clients, at the core of which are our cutting-edge software and management services that are built with the latest technologies and extensive knowledge of the global horse racing and betting industries.

We have forged strategic partnerships with top racing technology companies in Tote Management and Accounts & Information Management,and worked with the Top 2 racing tech operators in the world.

Our Services

NorthAlley has built flexible and scalable Single-Login Wagering Platforms for clients in the racing industry, providing a unique and secure system that allows access to specific information all in one place, about the race or the club as per organizational rules and regulations. As modules get added, the system can be expanded to include them and provide relevant access to multiple members. It includes reliability and functionality that every gaming operator expects. This system, being a web platform, is accessible from anywhere and at any time and on any device.
The estate management department keeps track of all equipment such as electrical installations, furniture, notices and sign boards, and also takes care of utility bill payments, civil works, hiring furniture, AMC details and repairs and maintenance at the club or enterprise and the Off Course TOTE Centers. The Members Management department deals with club memberships and its management. Allotment of boxes to members and announcement of officer post vacancies are handled by the Members Management Department.
NorthAlley's solution for this department enables streamlining of the business processes that leads to increased efficiency, minimizing time to market and reduction in cost.
Security and privacy of information is paramount at any racing or gaming organization. Apart from support and maintenance of the IT system, the IT department also looks into equipment and installations of RCTs, Display Monitors, Servers, Printers etc.
The security personnel record movement of people, goods and materials, equine and vehicles in and out of the premises. They safeguard the assets at the organization and at OCTC.
NorthAlley's individual solutions for the two departments enable them to monitor requirements and create record of events on user-friendly platforms that also generate reports for submission to higher authorities. Verification and inspection is made easy and thorough, aided by integration of advanced technology that assists the officers to perform their duties better.
NorthAlley's Purchase Management Service for racing organizations enables efficient maintenance of purchase records and related operations. The purchase department manages the purchase and procurement of stocks on behalf of the racing or gaming enterprise. Individual departments raise an indent under their budget allocation and get approval of the secretary. The purchase department then raises a request for quotations to suppliers and upon receiving best rates, a purchase order is released to the vendors. Once the procurement of stocks is completed, the purchase department maintains the stores as well. NorthAlley helps gaming and racing enterprises digitize this whole process that also enables them keep track and execute in a timely fashion.
The Veterinary department is one of the crucial departments that take care of the animal's life cycle for racing organizations. A veterinary doctor first approves the animal for entry into the racing organization. Complete welfare of the animal rests on the veterinary department. NorthAlley's veterinary management service has customized modules that record complete details of individual animals such as medical records, treatment procedures used, medicines prescribed, timing of medication for particular animals, charges for treatment, details of animals that are banned after the tests, etc.

NorthAlley's Racing ERP Solution offers affordable and comprehensive ERP feature sets suited to the fast-changing technology needs of the racing and gaming industry.

Our integrated and cloud-based Racing ERP Solution helps businesses increase competitiveness with fast and flexible business processes. It also improves resource and asset utilization and accelerates time to market.

Racing ERP Solution

Built by domain experts with international exposure, NorthAlley's Racing ERP system is broad- based covering all possible modules suitable for new-age racing and gaming enterprises, which serves to effectively tie the individual departments together providing better visibility into operations. It enables enterprises see the big picture in order to make the right strategic calls.


Available as a native app for iOS and Android, our Mobile Wagering Platform provides outstanding convenience and security for racing & gaming operators and customers.

It is extremely user-friendly and is built with the highest security and data protection standards. The record keeping and reporting capabilities of the system also enhances compliance capabilities.

Mobile Wagering Platform

Our Mobile Wagering Platform puts our streamlined wagering interface, up-to- the-minute odds and race information in the palm of your hands. The simple and intuitive, modern mobile application allows customers to place a wide range of wagers on-the fly using internet-enabled hand-held devices.


Customizability reigns supreme with our POS Terminals guaranteeing stellar experience to bettors and operators. The kiosk can be adapted to cater to dedicated pool types.

Our custom POS system gives race courses and other land-based gaming and wagering operations a new retail betting interface. The kiosks also become carriers of your brand and convey brand experience while continuously generating betting revenue for you.

Sports & Race Betting Kiosk

Patrons and customers can now get real-time data and experience through NorthAlley's customizable Self-Service Terminals and place bets on spot than having to travel to the betting window or depending on the betting window operator for information. Our kiosks designed to accept cash, NFC card, QR card etc., are easy to use, instills player-confidence and ensures 100% player anonymity.


NorthAlley undertakes bespoke development of software solutions and software integrations, tailored to improve workflow in shared business environments

Find in us the perfect partner for all your IT requirements. Our custom-built solutions and applications will help you derive competitive advantage, fill in the gaps in functionality, address business processes for which no solutions are available in the market and stay ahead in the race, always.

Custom Software For Racing

NorthAlley specializes in building custom software to cater to the changing needs of the racing and gaming industry as it undergoes technological revolution. From information management systems to specialized kiosk functions and mobile applications, we build solutions that can be run on a multi-channel dynamic environment and customized to deliver seamless customer experiences across devices.