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Passionate about using technology to change the world? Join our growing team of digital enablers.


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We mix strategy, technology and skill to design innovative high-value solutions and deliver remarkable client experiences

NorthAlley enables businesses reinvent themselves as digital enterprises poised to take on the challenges of the digital age. We work with our clients to find the right fit of innovative technologies that add value and suit business goals. We help companies herald business transformation by leveraging IT as a valuable asset to reinvent productivity and business process.



Omni-Channel Experience

With the onset of social technology, customers expect to engage with your enterprise on channels of their choice, be it SMS, voice, text, email, web, mobile or social media that let them effortlessly move between channels.
NorthAlley helps deliver a seamless, consistent and cohesive look and feel of your business message across multiple channels so that customers recognize your brand and receive the same secure omni-channel experience and level of service, no matter which channel they choose to engage with you.


Immersive Technology

Experiential technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality present a new medium for brands to provide a near-real touch and feel to customers, driving audience into points of purchase.
NorthAlley offers cutting-edge products and services across verticals and industries that enable education, training and virtual transfer of clients into computer generated environments. We design custom solutions and applications by blending imagination and real-world data into unique AR/VR experiences.


Point of Sales Systems (POS)

With NorthAlley-designed kiosks or think clients, your IT infrastructure no longer needs to be data- intensive, power-hungry or expensive as it once was.
Our Point Of Sale solutions help optimize your IT resources and streamline your deployments even as you run the full range of applications while delivering a seamless and omni-channel customer experience. With advanced features including inventory management, staff management, data gathering, task automation and more,we enable businesses capture growth.


Big Data Solutions

The big data revolution is not in the quantity of data being generated, but in the fact that today, we can do something with that data.
At NorthAlley, we apply advanced analytics to complex data and work with our clients to deliver advanced, customized and actionable big data solutions for business requirements through data research and build simple yet comprehensive visualizations. We are committed to provide functional big data software services that enable businesses to optimize, strategize and grow.


Cloud Computing

Delimit enterprise boundaries with NorthAlley’s cloud solutions tailored to fit your business needs. Our cloud services integrate an advanced cloud roadmap with your enterprise IT strategy, transforming you into an agile business.
Find your best fit from our wide range of offerings that are affordable, super-flexible and accessible from anywhere, anytime-enabling increased up-time, mobility and reduced cost of ownership. Embark on your digital transformation powered by our Developer Cloud or Business Cloud.


Internet of Things

The IOT today allows for endless opportunities, many of which are likely to significantly impact the way we live and work.
NorthAlley is experimenting with IOT and spearheading R&D within the field. Anarchic scalability within the frameworks of sustainable deployment is what NorthAlley looks to achieve in delivering IOT solutions to its customers. As an IOT technology software service provider, we enable IOT applications and services turn truly universal and intelligent.